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My name is Lyndal Jane. I love all types of creativity, imagining, learning, reading, music, bush-walking, nature, good coffee and discovering new places. I love learning with my own children, and I especially love helping kids – of all ages – to be happy and self-empowered. That is my passion, and the purpose of kidsshinebright.com ! I seek to help you and your kids enjoy your best lives through sharing empowering practices, information, ideas and resources!

My experience as a Music Teacher and Music Therapist has allowed me to observe empowerment and personal growth in all age groups and across a diverse population. I noticed growth occurred when participants were enabled and willing to go beyond their comfort zone. Their subsequent effort enabled them to expand and learn new things. They could then experience themselves in a new way, and feel their potential expand – Wonderful! The key to breakthrough lay in OWNING their situation and choices, and this could only come about through first accepting themselves fully. Probably my most important role, as a teacher and therapist – was that of being along side them and ‘holding space’ in a totally accepting, non-judgmental way. I am fortunate, now, to be learning more about helping children grow up to be positive about their own growth and empowerment. This is where my interest lies.

I have three children, ranging in age from 7 to 21. We are home schooling and enjoying a journey quite unlike I could ever have imagined! Because of this, I have had to re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about parenting, learning, and personal growth. I used to believe that we needed to search for what ‘makes us happy’. Now I am understanding that it is a choice we make in every moment to be happy. My relatively new role as Homeschool Parent allows me the chance to see personal growth through fresh eyes. I am constantly challenged to understand kids and growth in new ways, and new perspectives occur as I learn alongside my children. I hope to share some of these with you.

This website seeks to provide support and resources around how to empower our precious kids to live their best lives , enjoy who they are, and make good choices.   As I discover more ways to assist our children I will share them with you in this space.  I am also very open to learning new ideas and ways that help you in your journey with your kids. Please connect and share your experience in the comments! Thankyou!!

It is my wish to provide tools that honour both your unique Journey and that of your children.

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Shine bright 🙂

Lyndal Jane 🙂

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